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core values

We are holistic in our approach

We believe long-lasting transformation begins with the Gospel, is grown in relationship, and sustained in practical provision. We want boys to not only return home but to become intelligent, contributing members of society; therefore, we provide education, spiritual investment, and when possible, job opportunities.

We are individualistic in our plans

We approach each boy as an individual with different needs and paths of growth.

we are biased towards long-term sustainability and investment

We believe there is a line between offering help and empowering the boys’ current lifestyles. We choose to be selective in the ways we offer aid in order to promote their long-term well-being.

we operate in hope

We agree with God’s perspective, knowing He can soften even the most hardened heart and heal the most broken mind.

we lead by example

We cannot give anything we do not have, therefore we as educators and leaders must be living what we want the boys to receive.

We prioritize family

We prefer for the boys to be reintegrated into their family of origin but when that is not possible, seek out other opportunities for the boys to enter back into society.

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